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Doug Wintch: Store

Singin' on the Job - CD


12 original songs     2010     LuDella Records

Recorded and Produced by Evan Brubaker at Forgiveness

Tacoma, Washington

Songs include: Sheetrock, Use Your Finger, Old Lightnin', Nail on the Head, T.H. D'peau, Frank the Fighting Seabee, and more...

Featuring The Twisted Studs: Evan Brubaker, Jeff Leonard, Dan Salini, Colby Sander, and Darin Watkins

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Checkin' In - CD


11 Original tunes     1998     LuDella Records

Produced by Larry Nye and Doug Wintch

Recorded at the Lazy L Studios by Larry Nye

Kingsland, Texas 

Songs include: Lone Ranger, An Ode to Alf Engen, Golden Palomino, Rude Girl, Love me Tender Beauty Shop, Yellow Blossom

Featuring: 2 Muses, Theresa Brunelle, Paul Pearcy, Joe Forlini, Donnie Price, Steve Edwards, Mike Blakely, Larry Nye, and departed Texas legend, Champ Hood

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Wooden Nickels - CD


Debut CD      12 Original Songs     1993

Produced by Jay Toups and Doug Wintch

Recorded by Jay Toups at Nowhere Studios

Salt Lake City, Utah

Re-mixed by Evan Brubaker at Spectre Studios      2003

Tacoma, Washington

Songs include:  The Roses, Dizzy Darlene, Maybe Love, Salt Lake City, Drugstore Cowboy, and more...

Featuring performances by: Megan Peters, Carla Eskelsen, Orson McKnight, John Ause, Lewis Downey, Rex Flinner, Kennard Machol, Ward McCary, Steve Wesson, Jay Toups, and my dearly missed cousin, Steven Braithwaite on sax...

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