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Doug Wintch: Photos

With LJ Booth, Writers in the Round at Wildflower Festival...Richardson, Texas
Gettin' by with a little help from my friends...Mary Muse, Flash, Bill Muse, And Emily Kaitz...Block House Concert...Austin, Texas
Tennis Anyone?  Miner's Park Stage...Main Street, Park City, Utah
I played D.B.Cooper's for at least 8 yrs. "Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name."  The "Six Men on the Wall" behind me are: Taj Mahal, Joe Pass, Richie Havens, Jerry Jeff, JJ Cale, & John Sebastian. They played there too!
Gepetto's Pizza in Holladay...circa ' by Rockin' Timmy
First Public Performance...with my little sister Amy...We sang Blowin' in the Wind.  Circa '68

Singin' on the Job

cover jkdriggs
bucket shot
The middle name's Henry...
ol' Martin...ol' Dougie...ol' Lightnin'
Singin' on the Job by Fran Platt

Utah Phillips Tribute Tours/Shows

Bruce Phillips
Duncan and Bruce
Long Gone...Tribute CD Cover
Colorado Springs with Duncan
With Duncan...Cafe Lena
Eureka Opera House...Eureka, Nevada
Live Radio...San Francisco...with Duncan & Kate
With Kate, Duncan, & Anke...Black Rose Acoustic, Colorado Springs
U.P. Tribute CD Release Rose Wagner Theater...
Sound Check with Anke...Wild Rose Acoustic Society
Streets of Manhattan...with Dan, Moondog & Pauly
Sound Check with Kate & Anke...Flagstaff, AZ
The Freight
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