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Doug Wintch: Photos

Doug and Anke #1
IAMA Folk and Bluegrass Festival...Gallivan Center

Misc. snapshots

The Drugstore Cowboy with Trophy the wonder horse.
With Claudia and Millie...brown bag 2010
Grandpa drove us all over the high Manti looking for Deep Lake...or was it Lost Lake?  Anyway, looks like we found it!
Devil's by Graydon Andrus.  Ski bumming at Alta in '82, '83, and ' those were the years...Ha!
Drugstore Cowboy on Poco...his golden palomino.  Somewhere up on Skyline Drive. Photo by dw
Somehow the Wintch kids managed to win ski trophies!  Posed in front of Mt. Superior at Alta: Karl "Coach/Heber" Tucker, Little Dougie, Claudia, Camille, and the great Alf Engen.  Circa '67  photo by Chesley Wintch
Mother of Pearl, and a Whammy Bar...
80's back country...pic by James Hicks
Yes, that's Bill Kirchen's tele...Jess Luckett...and the man by Bad Brad wheeler
Bo Huff's Award Winning '57 Ford Ranchero Custom...Helper Arts Festival and Vintage Car Show 2011 photo by Anke Summerhill
No such thing as a mermaid...
The Cowboys Dream, original A-1 beer poster art; by Lon Megargee.  Saddle under my head-Stetson over my brow-You know I can’t rightly say-Just when it was I laid down-Always pictured myself-With a dream in the clouds...


DWB...2011 Brown Bag Concert Series...Tom Krug, Jamie Dalton, DW, Dan Salini
Rick singing "Beautiful" at Vanessa's Wedding...Pauly Rass on mando
Brewin' Bistro...Chicks of '68
Anke Summerhill, Dave Eskelsen, Carla Eskelsen, dw, Tom Shults, Kyle Wulle.  Benefit for the Co-op miners of Huntington UT.  Fort Douglas Theater, March 13, 2004; organized by Duncan Phillips
With Buddy Mondlock, performing a "Writers in the Round" concert at Wildflower Festival.  It was a gas to hang out and share some tunes with Buddy and LJ Booth.  Richarson, Texas.  Circa '99
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