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Doug Wintch: Music

52 Attachments

There was an Off-Broadway show called: "I love You, You're Perfect...Now Change"

I didn't see it, but I feel like I could have written it...

Sure, I'd love to change for you darlin'...

But sometimes we're just the way we know?

52 attachments...

In a handsome carrying case

You didn‘t need a Dremel

But they went on sale at Ace

52 attachments...

You tried every one

I’m sure I need a little polish

But you got out a sanding drum

Next came a carbide cutting wheel

You went straight for my fat

Then you hacked at my rough edges

They make a wire wheel for that

52 attachments...

Burnished my derriere

Even the diamond grind stone

Couldn’t carve me to a millionaire


     Musta been a bummer

     For your inner Michelangelo      

     To chip away all summer...

     And have David...stay in the stone


52 attachments...

Here’s a little tungsten tip

Stuff it all back in that carrying case

And keep the darn thing zipped


     It musta been a stinker

     For your inner Rodin

     To be abandoned by your thinker

     Who didn’t walk, but got up and ran


52 attachments...

I couldn’t take another route

If you wonder why you’re little projects

Never quite work out

Its...52 attachments...

I hope you get attached to this

When you engraved your name here on my heart

You did it with a little kiss...