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Doug Wintch: Music

Boy Scout Blues

(From the album Wooden Nickels)
Words and Music by Doug Wintch 1993 Side Order Music BMI

Boy Scout Blues


Haven’t I been 

A good Boy Scout?

I paddled your canoe

I taught you mouth to mouth

For a good turn daily

Baby I’ll be prepared


I’ve been tracking your trail

For fifty miles

Trying to earn one of your Girl Scout smiles

Wearing my heart

Like a merit badge on my sleeve


I’m trustworthy, loyal

I’m thrifty too

Savin’ my love

And my candy for you

You gave away your cookies

To someone new

I held out Girl Scout

I’ve got the Boy Scout blues


On my honor

I’ll do my best

I’ll do my duty

And live the code of the west

You never really wanted

A tenderfoot like me